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HelloOoOo everybody!

Approximately 1 million years ago, I made a video breaking down the tropes regarding men in fiction that I absolutely despise. I suddenly realized I've never flipped the script, ’cause I’m stupid! Today, we're doing just that. I am breaking down the 10 male character tropes that make my heart sing. These tropes give me life. They water my crops. They clear my skin. So, without further ado, let's gush about how much we love men! Well, in fiction, at least!

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Number 1: But Wait, He’s Got a Dog!

A million bonus points if it's teeny tiny, and a bazillion bonus points if it's a rescue! Put those two things together, and I’m losing my goddamn mind! There are few things sexier than a man who loves dogs, and the juxtaposition between a big strong hulking hunk of man meat and a wee little bundle of cute is both hella adorable and grade-A spank bank material. I wanna see this man walk his dog, scratch his dog, and let the dog give him all kinds of kisses. Did they fall asleep cuddling together on the couch again? Of course, they did! Are my ovaries exploding? Absolutely! Nicknack, paddywhack, give the man a dog, damn it! Unless you plan to kill it later on in the book, in which case this entire trope is ruined and I hate you.

Number 2: The Underdog

Not to be confused with my last point, though an underdog who owns a dog sounds like a real winner to me! There are lots of books where the main dude is the greatest detective in the state, the best knight in the kingdom, or the most handsome prince in all the land, and that shit's boring! It’s so much more engaging to read about a man who struggles, who makes sacrifices, who has the cards stacked against him. Underdogs are likable! We can all relate to being in that position at some point in our lives. And if we can’t relate . . . fuck you, you entitled dickwipe! I want to see someone rise from zero to hero, otherwise, I'm not interested.

Number 3: Protective Partners

I'm gonna be a basic bitch for a hot minute. It is everything when you're reading a book and the male MC or love interest does that protective thing. You all know what I'm talking about! Someone's trying to hurt his partner, and he takes a stand. Because he doesn't know what he’d do with himself if something happened to them! Now, this is not to be confused with stalking or dishonoring the partner’s wishes in the name of protection, because that is inherently dangerous, which kind of defeats the point. Besides, nobody likes a stage five clinger except for another stage five clinger, am I right? But when a man cares about his partner's well-being and fights to keep them safe, it melts my cold, frigid heart!

Number 4: Men Who Hate Their Fathers

I've talked about this in the past, but it's so, so worth repeating. I don't know why I love this trope so much, but I do and I can't stop! The father in question is always some high-powered, no-good, rat bastard and the son in question is usually the main character or the love interest and he has had enough of this man's malarkey! Look, a man who defies his piece-of-shit father is a man who could get it. He is willing to rebel against the most powerful man in his life and that says a lot about his character, and possibly his genitals. I'm just sayin’!

Number 5: The Grouch

When written correctly, gotta admit, I sure do love a big, broody man baby. It’s gotta be done well. If the character broods, he has to have a good reason to brood. Something dark and disturbing has happened to him, and it's turned him into a pouty grump. Then, over the course of the novel, we see him open up like a blooming flower and suddenly all that personality that was trapped away is revealed, and that shit's cute! This is the appeal behind stories like Beauty and the Beast. Provided we don't hop over into cruel or abusive territory, it’s really rewarding to watch the man behind the frown evolve. Plus, the process is often romantic as fuck, and I live for a good love story, so keep 'em coming!

Number 6: The Rebel WITH a Cause

I talk a lot of shit about bad boys, but that's because a lot of them are snot-nosed brats. They're bad for the sake of being bad. That's not attractive. That's just my high school ex-boyfriend fighting for his dad's attention. “Notice me, Dad! I’m fragile!” However, I do enjoy a bad boy who's bad for a purpose. I love a rebellious character! Someone who breaks the rules, and battles against social expectations, all in the name of a goal or objective they care deeply about. Personally, I think rebellion for the sake of your passion, especially if what you're rebelling for is inherently good, is honestly just a sign of integrity. Doing what you believe is right matters more to you than falling in line with social conventions, and I can get behind that!

Number 7: The Charming Villain

You know when you're reading a bad guy’s dialogue and you're laughing and smiling, even though you really, really shouldn't be? I live for that shit! We see the charming villain most often with male villains. They are the characters that people love to hate, and I am no different. I enjoy the pairing of charm and evil! It's like pairing wine with poison. You know it's bad for you. In fact, you'll probably die, but it sure do taste good! And even if you're rooting against the charming villain, there's always a little part of you that's really sad when they're defeated. Rest in peace, you beautiful bastard! You're forever in the darkest part of my heart!

Number 8: The Bromance

A lot of readers have very strong opinions when it comes to friendship in fiction, particularly how friendship revolves around gender. I personally don't have too many strong opinions about friendship and gender. However, I do love me a good bromance! I think it’s because society often discourages men from being affectionate and emotional with one another, which can't be healthy, let's be real! So I think it's endearing when male characters become best buds and support each other! It's just cute and nice. I like it! It also opens the door up for lots of witty banter, which is my jam. However, overall, I just love seeing guys being goofy and sweet with one another.

Number 9: The Dandy

In a time where seven-foot-tall, roided-out hairy cavemen are all the rage in fiction, it's really refreshing to read about a good old-fashioned dandy. The guy values style, neatness, and grace. He's dapper, he's darling, and I love him. This is the man who appreciates a well-tailored suit, who values grooming, and a good shave. He probably smells amazing, and I appreciate that. You know all these mountain men with their scraggly beards probably smell like piss and feet. They live in the goddamn woods for cryin’ out loud! I'm just saying, a man with a great wardrobe and personal hygiene is a welcome change of pace in fiction and I'm a big fan!

Number 10: Emotionally Well-Adjusted Men

This isn’t exactly a trope, but it's my channel, and I get to say whatever the hell I want! Trixie and Katya, eat your heart out! I’m really tired of emotionless robot men in fiction. They're not engaging to read, and they don't get my motor runnin’. The character doesn't even have to be emotionally well-adjusted, he's just gotta show some emotion, for the love of God! And no, breaking out into a violent rage every once in a while doesn’t count. I'm talking about some vulnerabilities. Some happiness, or sadness, or weakness. Literally anything. It's just nice to read about men who are actually written like human beings, as rare as it may be.

So that's all I've got for you today!

Author Jenna Moreci.

Gotta love some positive male representation! What are your favorite tropes for fictional men? Let me know!


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TJ Fisher
TJ Fisher
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This whole post had me cracking up! I loved your perspective on these. Keep it coming.

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Jenna Moreci
Jenna Moreci
05 gen
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I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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